Presence of mind

The world is multifaceted and often experienced as confusing. Sometimes, it’s hard to find orientation.

How am I supposed to move in the world, how to behave? How do I know what is appropriate in a certain situation, place, in an encounter? What kind of language do I use; which words do I choose? Is it better to keep quiet and just listen? Is it right to stay, or is it better to leave?

Presence of mind is important in these situations. To be very much present in the moment, to draw from the abundance of lived experiences, to trust one’s own wisdom and the wisdom of others. Although presence of mind is an attitude that can be cultivated and trained, it is always also a gift and depends on the presence of others. Presence of mind happens – contrary to a flash of inspiration for example – in the in-between, between the world and myself, between myself and others.

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