When a woman has given birth to a child we also say: she brought a child into the world. Arriving in the world, a child dives into a web of relations that connects people in their diversity and is shaped by all their doings, depending on time and space.

All humans are brought from a mother’s womb into the world, which we can regard as a second matrix, and all are dependent on caring people and communities, spiritual and physical nourishment, as much as safety and comfort are also needed for a good life.

The world is constantly moving and offers nonetheless a steady home and a sense of belonging. It is the framework of all being and doing and opens up multiple relational opportunities connecting humans as well as other creatures and things. As a malleable relational structure, the world forms the center of politics, which we understand as the organization of our living together with diverse people. Encompassing care for the world and efforts taken in order to achieve the changes necessary towards a good life for all are part of this.

In times when complex global connections in many places lead to nationalist and chauvinistic reactions, people who refer to the world in its entirety keep insisting on their insight and their experiences of a relatedness of all with all. They thereby express their wish to enhance local and global developments in wise coordination and through negotiations with people at other places. They show their awareness of the multiple problems and suffering in the world and how they nonetheless believe in the possibility of change—in the sense of believing in beginning yet again. This is confirmed by the manifold activities of individuals and global social movements, which according to the slogan that „another world is possible”, raise attention for and reflect upon concrete problems and sketch visions and routes towards a good life of all.

In reflecting on the necessary theories and practices the world needs today, the image of the household has become important for some women from the 1990s onwards; the positive and negative experiences related to this image have become a productive model for the conception of the world in its entirety. The commitment and efforts to shape the world can be compared with a housewife’s activity who succeeds in connecting caring for the well-being of individual people in all their diversity with the perspective of the world as a whole.

Through their commitment and care for a(nother)  world, women’s love of freedom relates to their love of the world. Relatedness becomes a political power, which again and again reconstitutes the world.

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