The Authors

From left to the right: Michaela Moser, Antje Schrupp, Ina Praetorius, Andrea Trenkwalder-Egger, Ursula Knecht, Cornelia Roth, Caroline Krüger, Dorothee Markert, Anne-Claire Mulder (Januar 2014). Foto: Ute Knüfer

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English Translation: Anne-Claire Mulder, Barbara Streidl & Derek Singleton

Ursula Knecht was a daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, and mediator of culture, had studied theology and had been active since 1991 at the  Labyrinthplatz in Zurich. She died in 2017.

Dr. Caroline Krüger, a philosopher, is especially focussed on all forms of conversation. She lives with her 18-year-old son in Winterthur. 

Dr. Dorothee Markert, a freelance author, philosopher, and learning disabilities therapist, lives near Freiburg in Breisgau (

Dr. Michaela Moser, studied theology, philosophy and public relations, lives in Vienna. Lecturer and researcher at St. Poelten University of Applied Science, activist of the Austrian Anti Poverty Network

Dr. Anne-Claire Mulder, a Dutch theologian at the Protestant Theological University in Groningen, lives in Utrecht.

Dr. Ina Praetorius, a specialist in German studies and a Lutheran theologian. Lives as a free housewife, author, and speaker in Wattwil in Toggenburg (

Cornelia Roth, a psychologist and respiratory therapist with her own office in Munich. Active at Frauenstudien Munich e.V. and focussed on the relation between spirituality and good life.

Dr. Antje Schrupp, a journalist and specialist in political science, lives in Frankfurt am Main. Focussed mainly on the history of political thought of women (

Dr. Andrea Trenkwalder-Egger, a social worker and educationalist, lives in Innsbruck. Lecturer for Social Work at the MCI Management Center Innsbruck.

Warm regards to Juliane Brumberg, Thomas Gröbly, Rainhild Traitler and Eli Wolf for pre-reading the German version of the ABC and giving numerous amendments, suggestions and requests, to Aileen Derieg, Sian Jones and Magda Misset-van de Weg for supporting its translation into English.